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Benjamin EdwardsBenjamin Edwards – Sr-Editor
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Benjamin is a passionate technology writer. He has covered headings related to technology and Business for First News Columnist. Benjamin has covered happening around the sector for almost five years and has reported arrivals of various gadgets, technologies, games, etc. He scripts articles related to the Business sector. The wide array of topics includes news about tech giants, businesses, executives, the stock market, the automobile market, and much more. Benjamin has covered stories of Tesla, Google, SEC, Nissan, etc. You may get touch him with at

Number of Articles posted by him : 5339

Latest Article Posted by him: Global Auto-Injectors Market Forecast 2019 By Biogen Idec, Bespak(Consort Medical), Ypsomed Holding AG and Janssen Biotech

Wesley Haiges
Wesley Haiges – Editor
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Wesley functions as an editor at First News Columnist. Being a multi-talented person, he offers bulletins related to space and science. He has briefed many significant and crucial findings in science. Wesley is specifically involved in covering the latest trends in space missions, fossil discoveries, space probes, and so on. He is always eager and hungry to read something that’s new. Wesley is an active player in volleyball.You may get touch him with at

Number of Articles posted by him : 10152

Latest Article Posted by Him: Global Vibration Monitoring Market Forecast 2019 By Rockwell Automation Inc., Analog Devices Inc., General Electric Corporation and SPM Instrument AB

Michael RadcliffMichael Radcliff – Author & Contributor
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Michael is a web expert and professional content writer. He always keeps an eye on the new and fresh happenings in the Health sector. He has been writing articles related to all types of the medical world. Let it be any disease-related article, an outbreak, health-related article, Michael’s one is the best in every aspect. He also scripts reports related to new researches tied to various types of diseases and new findings. Michael is also a gym enthusiast and a fitness freak.You may get touch him with at

Number of Articles posted by him : 10105

Latest Article Posted by Him: Global Automatic Barrier Market Forecast 2019 By HERAS, SOMMER, MARANTEC and OEO