Snapchat Will Soon Unroll a New Bitmoji Status Feature Within Snap Map

Snapchat Will Soon Unroll a New Bitmoji Status Feature Within Snap Map


Snapchat Inc., the company battling to uphold the intense rivalry with Instagram, in unrolling some new features. The company intends to standout by introducing new location features. As reported by Tech Crunch, Snapchat is now analyzing Status. The new technique will allow a user to check-in in a Foursquare-style on the Snap Map. It will not only reveal a user’s location but also notify users to plan via Bitmoji characters. So you can point out that you are nearby but spending some time with family. Formerly, Snap Maps figured out what you were up to by randomly dragging a Bitmoji to show the time of the day and your location. It benefited your friends to know yours intends; they can see what you are doing. Jane Manchun Wong firstly spotted the new feature of status, and Tech Crunch first reported about it.

A user can use the new Status feature by opening Snap Maps and tapping the Status button in the bottom left corner. The menu will offer a list of various places around the user. So the user can select or type the name of the location. After choosing an area, the user will be presented with a list of Bitmoji, with activities that match to the selected location. Once the user selects place and Bitmoji, the action will appear on the map. A tooltip will notify people about the user’s exact location. The updated status will last until the user is present at that particular location, as well as the user can delete it.

As per a Snapchat representative, the company is currently testing new techniques for its users. It intends to offer better communicate on the Snap Map with their friends. The company is testing the scenario with some Australian users. Although, sometimes it may happen that a user does not want to use Status or even reveal it on Snap Map. In that case, the user can enter into ghost mode at any time. In addition to this, all the location-based data fade away if a user doesn’t open the app for eight hours.

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