EA Laid Off 350 Employees to Redefine Itself and Needs of Gamers

EA Laid Off 350 Employees to Redefine Itself and Needs of Gamers


Electronics Art has followed the steps of Activision Blizzard and laid off nearly 250 employees even after posting record revenue reports this year. The company has announced the layoff of 350 employees to refine the company aim. It also intends to fulfill the gamers needs efficiently. EA has taken the decision to redefine its objective and of course as one of the cost-cutting measures. Additionally, the company has decided to lay off 350 employees from the sections. It includes departments like Marketing, Publishing and other non-development related departments.

In February 2019, Activision Blizzard did the same and fired employees from non-development section even after recording good revenue results. The measure was taken as cost-cutting measures alike other companies. Currently, marketing and publishing are not much required as the company can outsource such tasks at sufficient rates. After asking for a statement from EA, they said the decision would redefine the company by removing unnecessary employees. It aims to deliver professional commitments and support the needs of the gamers. As of now, it is unclear how the layoff will help the company achieve its goals and how they can fulfill the requirements of players without enough staff.

In an official statement, EA announced that they are laying off 350 employees with immediate effect. Besides, the company is removing only 4% of the employees from the total workforce. Although, it was a sad day for everyone at Electronic Arts. The company thanked every individual for rending their services and helped the company to reach new heights. The decision of firing the employees was not an immediate decision. The company notified employees a few months before. The recent travel and hiring ban on the marketing and publishing department explained everything to the market experts, and they already predicted the same.

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