Study Finds Eating Eggs May Be Bad for Health but Not Always

Study Finds Eating Eggs May Be Bad for Health but Not Always


Usually, many people include egg in their breakfast, maybe an omelet, or boiled egg. Even more, people eat boiled eggs to lose/gain weight. So this news if for all egg lovers, eating too many eggs might be harmful to health. Eggs are an essential part or say staple of breakfast in the U.S. There are many pieces of research revealing some facts about eating eggs, their pros and cons. Some studies show they are healthy, while some say they are not because they raise cholesterol. One more study has emerged, which tries to clear the picture. The research also adds to the long-term debate around eggs.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one large egg consists of about 186mg of cholesterol. It is primarily present in the yellow part, i.e., egg yolk. A recently published study discovered that the habit of eating eggs daily could introduce a particular amount of cholesterol in the body. Besides, the component may increase the risk of having cardiovascular disease or premature death. The research published in JAMA could overturn the existing medical agreement that there is no need to monitor the cholesterol or egg consumption. As per the study, it is a controversial idea among nutritionists. Norrina Allen, study’s leading author and an associate professor of preventive medicine at the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine in Illinois, said, there are some good and bad parts of an egg.

Thus it is challenging to separate the potentially harmful effects of high cholesterol in eggs vs. other healthful nutrients. For analysis, they used data from six studies, which totally included around 30,000 healthy people with no prior heart disease. In the end, they found that there was a 17% risk of heart disease linked with extra 300mg of cholesterol in diet per day. It also increased the risk of early death by 18%. The link between eating eggs and bad health vanished after calculating a person’s total cholesterol intake. According to Allen, eggs are not the only source of cholesterol in the diet. It also consists of red and processed meats who offer plenty of cholesterol. In the upcoming time, Allen and her team hope they can develop a definite limit of perfectly safe egg consumption.

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