Stanford Researchers Say Apple Watch Can Reveal Heart Problem, But More Study Is Required

Stanford Researchers Say Apple Watch Can Reveal Heart Problem, But More Study Is Required


A massive study suggests the Apple Watch can spot an alarming irregular heartbeat at least sometimes. But researchers say some more work is required to reveal whether wearable technology really helps to screen heart problems. More than 419,000 Apple Watch users participated in the strange analysis that started on 30 November 2017. Participants from all 50 states shared heart rate data collected by their Apple wearable for the past eight months. Researchers used the data to estimate the watch’s abnormal rhythm notification. Thus the new massive study financed by Apple and carried out by Stanford scientists focused on the functionality of an Apple Watch.

More particularly, the researchers wanted to discover whether the Apple watch could reliably find atrial fibrillation, a type of irregular heartbeat. Researchers reported on Saturday that the watch did not panic a group of people. It warned just half a percent of candidates that they might have a problem. Dr. Richard Kovacs from the American College of Cardiology said among the flagged people; it did not perform correctly. Stanford scientists also presented their work at the American College of Cardiology during an Annual function in 2016. Thus the study derived a major takeaway about the general accuracy of the Apple Watch to find potential health conditions.

Lloyd Minor, MD, dean of the Stanford School of Medicine, says, the outcomes of the Apple Heart Study focus the potential role that new digital technology can work in creating more predictive and preventive health care. He added, atrial fibrillation is just the starting, and this study is the first step for further research in wearable technologies. The study also focuses on how modern wearable technology could prevent disease before it arrives. Remarkably, the study does not include the analysis of Apple’s Watch Series Four. The watch with built-in ECG monitoring came after the research started. Although, the company itself states its devices are not an assured way of detecting irregular heartbeats.

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