Qualcomm Refused to Sell Chips to Apple for iPhone Models


Apple COO Jeff Williams admitted that the Qualcomm Refused to sell Chips for Apple for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR smartphone models. The Apple COO claimed the same in the US Federal Trade Commission in his testimony. The Apple has sued the Qualcomm for unfair trade and monopolistic practices. He also said that the Qualcomm would not support us or sell their chips to us after this incident. After Qualcomm refused to sell their processor chips to Apple after demand, the company was forced to use Intel’s LTE chips in their smartphones.

Qualcomm is currently under US Federal Trade Commissions Trial after a complaint filed by the Apple over the licensing practices. The company was sued over its engagement in the monopolistic practices like Overcharging the licensing fees, exorbitant royalty fees, and refusing to license the chips to manufacturers. Also, Qualcomm is accused of providing special offers to big customers if they use the latest Qualcomm chips. No one batted an eye when Apple shifted over to the Intel’s LTE chips over the Qualcomm as experts presumed it was due to the stiff competition. But in the courtroom, Apple said that due to the licensing conflicts with the Qualcomm, they had to shift to the intel’s Modems for LTE connectivity in iPhones.

Jeff Williams also claimed that the Qualcomm is charging five times more than the intel charging per smartphone. Currently, Intel costing the company $1.50 per device where the Qualcomm asked the company for $7.50 per device. With the Intel LTE chips, there are very slim chances of Apple Introducing the 5G capable smartphones, as the Intel doesn’t support 5G at this moment. The 5G enabled chips from Intel are expected in 2020 for public release.

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