The U.S. Government Recommended Redskins to Withdraw the Deal with Huawei in 2014.jpeg

The U.S. Government Recommended Redskins to Withdraw the Deal with Huawei in 2014


A few days ago, The Wall Street Journal reported the news regarding a deal between the Washington Redskins and Huawei. Previously, in 2014, Huawei achieved a deal with the Washington Redskins. According to the deal, the company promised to provide Wi-Fi in the viewing suites at FedEx Field amid games. But the Washington Redskins canceled the deal after being warned that the company could produce a cybersecurity threat. Although, the now-dead deal, is another example that highlights the U.S. government’s ongoing uncertainty of the Chinese tech maker. Moreover, in the current year, the government agencies banned Huawei’s products.

Reported that a government advisor issued an official federal complaint to the team, which cited the same national security issue. It was the same issue that Congress and US intelligence agencies have raised from many years. Despite getting the contract, the things changed rapidly after the company tweeted about its excitement about the new deal. According to the Journal, Michael Wessel caught the news on the social media platform. Michael is a member of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, which is congressional research and advisory panel. After getting the news, Michael warned the Redskins about the probability of spying. The deal finally instead went to the two U.S. companies – Verizon and Cisco. On the other hand, Pentagon banned Huawei’s products from military base retailers.

Despite all these things, the company sold 200 million phones in the current year. Additionally, the company becomes worlds second top phone manufacturer. The company’s Mate 20 Pro is one of the best smartphone unrolled in 2018. Additionally, the FCC pressurized internet companies not to use Huawei’s networking equipment. US officials insist that Huawei being a Chinese company could secretly spy and provide the information to China. Whereas, Huawei has long said that the company never regulated any undercover activities. The company says doing such things it could end the trust of all customers around the world. Previously, in July, the company also said that it is an independent company, which is a private business. Being a private-owned business there is no role of the Chinese government. Huawei also stated that the American government controls the US companies.

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