Samsung Teases New Notebook 9 Pen with Updated Features

Samsung Teases New Notebook 9 Pen with Updated Features


Previously, at CES 2018, Samsung launched the Note 9 Pen, a 13.3-inch lightweight laptop. Now Samsung is unrolling a new and updated version of Notebook 9 Pen laptop. The 15-inch new laptop is going to arrive with an adjustable 2-in-1 model. But the real upgrade is possibly the addition of three replaceable nibs. Thus, the nips will fascinate users to customize the tip’s shape and friction. Additionally, the functionality will give a feeling of pen on paper to the user. The laptop will come with a three-month subscription to the MyScript Nebo App. It is an application which can convert written notes into digital text and swipe hand-made figures and charts.

Samsung also intends to work at a greater extent with component providers like Intel and Nvidia. Firstly, the user will have a choice of a couple of 8th generation Intel CPUs, DDR RAM, two Thunderbolt 3 ports and much more. Secondly, the user will have an option of Nvidia MX150 GPU for the users who require high-quality graphics support. The tech giant promises a battery life of 15 hours and fast-charging functionality. The upcoming Note 9 Pen also looks cheaper than the previous one, and it has an all-metal/aluminum frame.

The Notebook 9 has a color scheme similar to that of Galaxy Note 9, covered in a blue-painted body. While its inbuilt pen contrasts a yellow color. The latest 8th Gen Intel processor model contains gigabit Wi-Fi and an additional USB-C plug. Besides, there is a headphone/mic jack and micro SD slot in the updated laptop. Unfortunately, the company has not provided any official price list or the arrival date for the Notebook 9 Pen. But it promises an indefinite 2019 release window. Currently, it is difficult to pass any conclusion on the product. However, the current years’ Notebook 9 Pen costs $1,399. Samsung will probably show off the new Notebook 9 Pen models at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

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