First Baby Born Through Uterus Transplant from A Deceased Donor

First Baby Born Through Uterus Transplant from a Deceased Donor


A healthy baby girl was born to a lady whose womb was transplanted from a deceased donor. The 10-hour transplant operation was said to be a medical milestone. The mother was 32 years old and had no womb during her birth. The transplant was done in Brazil in 2016. The baby girl weighed 2,550 grams during birth. In this transplant, the veins of the deceased donor’s uterus were connected to the recipient’s veins. Their ligaments, vaginal canals and arteries were also linked. This transplant is great news for thousands of women who cannot conceive due to uterine issues. These transplants are now practicable and can help so many families to have children. Before this, 10 similar transplant cases of deceased donors had failed in the Czech Republic and Turkey, US.

This research was led by a doctor named Dani Ejzenberg, at Sao Paulo University hospital in Brazil. He said that this technique will help women who are infertile due to uterine problems. The norm for the uterus transplant is that the organ will be required from a live member in the family, who wants to donate it. Ejzenberg also said that live donors are much less in numbers compared to those who are willing to donate after their death. He said that this technique may be still optimized and refined in future. Before this, 39 womb transplants have been done from live donors and 11 live babies took birth successfully. Many mothers donated the wombs to their daughters.

As per the expert estimates, 10-15% of couples are affected by infertility issues in their reproductive ages all over the world. In these couples, about 1,000 women have uterine issues. Before womb transplants were successful, couples had the options to adopt or surrogate a child. But now, this technology brings new hope to them. In the case of this Brazilian mother, her uterus was checked after five months and everything was normal. She had regular periods and ultrasound scans were also normal. After seven months of her delivery, her baby girl weighed about seven kg and was breastfeeding.

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